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The Maxi Crown cap

          safe and easy  technical description  opening the cap  manufacturing

The MaxiCrown cap — Safe and Easy

MaxiCrown meets all requirements on a modern bottle closure for beer (or any other beverage to be consumed directly after opening): its sealing performance equals that of the crown cork (with respect to sealing speed, reliability, pressure holding, etc.). In addition it is safe and it is easy to open.

Maxi Crown is safe. Modern consumer expectations include that any packaging use for food should be tamper-proof, i.e., any previous attempts to open and reseal a package should be easily recognizable. Moreover, to an increasing extent, product liability laws have been issued to provide this protection for the consumer.

Maxi Crown meets these expectations. It provides both one way bottles and refillable bottles—Glass, PEN, and PET— with tamper proof sealings: once opened, the shell of a Maxi Crown cap is torn apart and cannot be used to reseal the bottle, granting the consumer and the filler a safe protection against tampering—and this with maintained sealing performance!

MaxiCrown is easy to open. No opener is required: the cap is as easy to open as a can.

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          safe and easy  technical description  opening the cap  manufacturing

Description of the Capキャスキッドソン

MaxiCrown is suitable for bottles with both European and American standard crown neck finish; it is available in 3 sizes: 26 mm (for standard crown neck finish), 33mm, and 38 mm (for widemouth).

MaxiCrown is a three-piece cap consisting of a shell (made from semi-soft aluminum), a liner (made from low density polyethylene), and a ring (made from high density polyethylene). The design allows an economic utilization of materials with a minimum waste, thus providing optimal material costs. (See below)




The Cap Shell.
The shell is punched and scored from pre-printed sheets of aluminum. Carefully arranged layout enables maximum use of the sheets. Waste becomes negligible. The shell is manufactured from aluminum in two thicknesses: 0,21 and 0.24 mm. The 0,21 mm material is giving optimal sealing performance in Europe, while 0,24 mm is required in tropical climates. The score lines are designed to give optimal opening.


The Liner. トリーバーチ アクセサリー
Sealing to the bottle neck is made with a low density polyethylene (LDPE) molded liner, on request with scavenger effect added. The liner is shaped and applied to the cap by using a molding process which is standard as well for crown cork. The liner in Maxi Crown has a profile which provides a double sealing effect. It seals both the outside and inside or top of the bottle neck.

The Ring.
The pull ring is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE). The utilization of materials is 100 percent. The ring is formed and jointed to the shell in a high speed molding machine that is especially designed for MaxiCrown. The strong joint can withstand a pulling force of at least 8 kp. The max force required to open the cap is approximately 3 kp. The ring is designed to fit closely to the bottle neck.

Décor print.
Maxi Crown is punched from sheets of aluminum with standard offset printing. The same method has been used for aluminum screw caps for a long time. The printing can in principle comprise any number of colors, but is normally limited to four. The printing on aluminum allows very detailed décor with high finish.


          safe and easy  technical description  opening the cap  manufacturing

Opening the MaxiCrown Cap

MaxiCrown is opened by hand without the use of tools or openers. The ring is pulled up over the cap top in the same way as a can is opened.

MaxiCrown's novel design simplifies opening in three ways:

1. Built in Lever.
The ring is provided with a knob at the joint to the shell tab. This knob is automatically giving a lever of about 4 mm, granting the opening of the score lines by using low force.


No other pull ring cap uses such a knob. They have the ring made from tinplate or aluminum, providing a marginal lever. If the ring is pulled up 90 degrees towards the cap top, a strong force is required and sometimes de-scoring happens, leaving the cap on the bottle top difficult to open even with a tool.
2. Automatic Release.
The LDPE liner is marginally larger than the scored part of the cap top. At pulling the ring up, the liner presses the cap sides outwards loosening their grip around the locking ring. The cap then releases easily from the neck of the bottle.

3. Early Venting.
The excess pressure is released from the bottle as soon as the ring on the cap is pulled. The cap remains well secured on the neck due to tightly crimped-in cap skirt, and the early venting eliminates the risk of "blow-off".

No opening instructions are required, even for new consumers. Thanks to its design, the MaxiCrown cap is just as easy to open as it appears.

          safe and easy  technical description  opening the cap  manufacturing

Manufacturing of the MaxiCrown Cap.

We have in more than 20 years a licence cooperation regarding MaxiCrown caps with Japan Crown Cork (JCC), a subsidiary of Toyo Seikan Kaisha Ltd., the leading Japanese Packaging Group.

The MaxiCrown cap (named Maxi-PG in Japan) is manufactured in a high speed lines based on most advanced Japanese production technique with quality control functions integrated in the equipment, granting a consistent and superior quality.

The MaxiCrown cap, which was introduced in Europe by Carlsberg 1999, has been manufactured and marketed by JCC in South East Asia since 1992. This means that the manufacturing technique is today carefully tested, meeting expected efficiency and reliability.

By now MaxiCrown is manufactured and supplied to Europe by JCC. A licence agreement will be negotiated in the near future with an established European closure manufacturer with expected start of supplies of MaxiCrown during next year. The manufacturing technique will be supplied from JCC as turn-key lines or otherwise agreed.

Quality Control.
A careful test program is securing a high and consistent quality at the production of MaxiCrown.

  1. Instant Pressure Holding Test
  2. Carbonation Retention Test
  3. Top Load Test
  4. Opening force
  5. Vibration Test
  6. Thermal Chock Test
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