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The Maxi Crown

              properties of the sealing       bottle types

Properties of the Sealing

Crimped-in skirt.
During sealing the skirt, the lower section of the cap, is pressed in under the locking ring. The skirt fits closely round the bottle neck and the cap is well secured. This gives Maxi Crown good carbonation retention within the DIN-norms for crown cork. The crimp-in configuration is by purpose made alike the crown cork appearance to emphasize that the excellent sealing performance is maintained.

The sealing allows pasteurizing..
Maxi Crown is well suited for pasteurizing processes. The same methods as for crown cork can be used.

The sealing holds for high pressures.
Maxi Crown withstands the same internal pressures as crown cork, by standard tested up to 10 bar, and complies with the DIN- norms for crown cork.

The sealing is tamper resistant.
In accordance with the definitions established by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) MaxiCrown is a "tamper resistant" closure. This implies that it is possible to immediately determine with the naked eye if an attempt has been made to open the cap, or if it has been opened and resealed.

There is no doubt that MaxiCrown by design and function is tamper proof.

The Seal is rustproof .
As all used materials are rust proof, no rust around the bottle neck finishes will occur during humid seasons which happens with caps made from steel. A high quality image of the packaging and the beverage is thus maintained.

                   properties of the sealing       bottle types

Bottles sealed with MaxiCrown

Maxi crown seals PEN and PET bottles

Beer in plastic (PEN and PET) bottles are expected to be widely introduced into the market. New techniques allow a shelf-life of 6 months with maintained quality. The target is to modernize the good old beer glass bottle but still maintain the traditional beer image. The new bottles are almost as light as the cans, decoration options are the same as for glass bottles, embossing can easily be added, and— for the finishing touch— MaxiCrown caps can be used.

The sealing of plastic bottles hwas carefully tested during a period of 4 years in close cooperation with Carlsberg Copenhagen, before introduction into the European market. MaxiCrown Conversion Kit has proven to meet Carlsberg's specifications and expectations regarding efficiency and reliability for the sealing of refillable PEN bottles as well as one-way PET bottles.

Technically, crown corks may be used to seal plastic bottles—but at the cost of the bottle neck finish being damaged! This means that people drinking out of the bottle will have a less pleasant experience. Moreover, for PEN bottles, this also means that the number of refillings will be significantly reduced with increased costs as a result.

MaxiCrown seals plastic bottles, whitout damaging the bottle neck finish.

Maxi crown seals glass bottles

The good old beer glass bottle can easily be modernised to meet the can's performance (tamper-proof and easy to open): just put on the Maxi Crown cap!

MaxiCrown is sealed on glass bottles at the same top pressure as crown corks. The MaxiCrown sealing heads for glass bottles are easy to connect to the sealing elements of standard crowners and other sealing machines.

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