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Advantages of
Maxi Crown

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Brewer's advantages - marketing

Increased sales MaxiCrown is a novelty appealing to modern people - thus creating opportunities to increase market share in the important young segment. No loss of traditional beer drinkers being mainly on premise consumers.
Safety Once opened, MaxiCrown can never be resealed, thus granting the consumer and filler a safe protection against tampering. This is important for product liability. 2014年春夏新作 ディーゼル バッグ
Sealing performance Equal to crown cork, including speed, reliability, and pressure holding. Many years of sales of MaxiCrown in South East Asia guarantee a satisfactory sealing in subtropical and tropical climates.
PEN and PET bottles Safe sealing of plastic bottles, offering the consumer a beer bottle almost as light as the can and with long shelf life. The weight of one crate plastic bottles is about half the weight of glass bottles. The lower weight is creating a strong preference with female customers dominating the purchasing in the take home market.

Scavenger liner The LDPE liner can on request be provided with scavenger effect, offering important increase of shelf life - for beer at least 6 months. Read more about the cap here...
Easy to open Modernizing the beer bottle to the level of the can - as easy to open. ブルガリ 財布
Beer image The MaxiCrown design is offering an integrated and modern packaging concept, however still maintaining the traditional beer image.
             marketing   technical   consumer's   comparison other caps

Brewer's advantages - technical

Low investment The MaxiCrown Conversion Kit allows the sealing of as well crown cork as MaxiCrown in the already available crowners to a reasonable investment. The Kit is easy to install in lines at use with fillers - normally over a week-end. The Kit is providing a more flexible use of total investment in the filling line to low costs.
Change-over option The MaxiCrown Kit can either be installed in a new separate turret, giving a very marginal change-over time, or in the existing crown turret. In that case the change-over will take up to one hour, depending on the number of heads.
PEN and PET bottles One-way and refillable bottles are carefully sealed at low top pressure in special sealing heads. Important savings of neck finish material can be achieved. MaxiCrown is precisely crimped in under the locking ring of the bottle without damaging the plastic neck finish, allowing more trips for the refillable bottles. ブルガリ 財布
            marketing   technical   consumer's   comparison other caps

Consumer's advantages

Safety Safety is a vital concept for the society and the food and drink industry today. It is requested that the consumer easily can recognize if the packaging has been previously open and resealed to prevent the content being tampered with.
Easy to open No opener - as easy as the can.
Not re-sealable Forcing the consumer to have the drink without delay. This is a necessity for one-shot beverages like beer, otherwise soon deteriorating in quality.
Sealing performance Equal to crown cork, securing a high quality product to consume.
PEN and PET bottles

Easy to carry (almost as light as the can), pleasant to drink out of (no damage to bottle neck finish).

Rust proof Never rust around the bottle neck—surely appreciated by the consumer—giving the feeling of better quality.
            marketing   technical   consumer's   comparison other caps

Comparison to other caps

We claim that MaxiCrown offers substantial advantages to prevailing caps for beer bottles. The technical arguments for our opinion can be found in the detailed technical description of the cap and the sealing in this Web site. We also give a short development history of ring-pull closures here.

Standard crown
Twist crown


The standard Crown has been the dominating bottle cap during more than 100 years due to its excellent sealing performance.

Twist Crown was introduced in the 1970th to provide the crown easy opening features to meet the can strongly taking market shares. Most used in USA. Sometimes hard and sharp to open - not appreciated by women. Preferably not to be opened by crown opener due to risk damaging the bottleneck thread.

MaxiCrown equal to the Crown:

  • Equal technical performance.
  • Same traditional sealing appearance.

MaxiCrown advantages to the Crown:

  • True tamper-proof
  • No rust
  • The opening ring adding modern image
  • No opener - equally easy to open for men and women

Ring Crown

The old version of MaxiCrown, launched 1982, is made of tin-free steel or tinplate and was developed and patented by us and licensed to Finn-Korkki Oy until the end of 1999 at the expire of the patent. Then the name had to be changed from MaxiCrown to Ring Crown.

MaxiCrown advantages to Ring Crown:

  • MaxiCrown is more easy and consistent to open, due to its efficient levering function, aluminium shell material and scoring configuration.
  • MaxiCrown is made from non-rusting materials; Ring Crown is made from 0,17 mm tinplate with cut edges.
  • The ring of Ring Crown is not coming close to the bottleneck, causing risk for unintended opening.
  • MaxiCrown ring design is adapted to consumer preferences, stimulating consumer attention and appeal.
  • MaxiCrown has a modern image, easy to integrate to as well traditional as new bottle design.

Rip Cap

Ring and shell made in one piece from 0,22 - 0,24 mm aluminium. Rip Cap was introduced in the 1960th in USA. The cap is today manufactured in Australia and slowly disappearing from the market in Europe since production in Italy was closed.

MaxiCrown advantages to Rip Cap:

  • MaxiCrown more easy and consistent to open, due to efficient levering function at opening.
  • Rip Cap's design is defined (predetermined) by technical restrictions with no customer appeal.
  • The ring of Rip Cap is not coming close to the bottleneck, causing risk for unintended opening.
  • MaxiCrown has a modern image, easy to integrate to as well traditional as new bottle design.

Screw caps

Aluminium screw caps have for at least 50 years been in the market without being accepted by the beer trade, but have achieved a strong penetration of the soft drink market, of which the plastic screw caps have taken a major share.

MaxiCrown advantages to Screw caps:

  • Screw caps are recognized by the consumer as a soft drink cap.
  • MaxiCrown with the aluminium shell being very similar to the crown cork is maintaining the strong established beer bottle image.
  • Screw caps invite the consumers to reseal and delay consumption of the beer, which is a one-shot drink, loosing quality rather quick after opening.
  • MaxiCrown is true tamper-proof; the aluminium shell is torn into pieces at opening.

We claim that MaxiCrown is The Optimal Beer Cap!

"The easy opened end" increased dramatically the use of cans in spite of substantially higher price. Give the traditional glass bottle a similar upgrading touch - put on MaxiCrown! MaxiCrown on PEN or PET bottles makes suddenly the bottle concept as modern as the can. The consumer response will come!

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