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We have made more than 100 installations in the past for the sealing of MaxiCrown 26. Our customers confirm equal reliability and efficiency as for crown cork, which proves a high and reliable quality of the closure and the sealing equipment.

Installations for the sealing of the New MaxiCrown made of aluminium:

MaxiCrown Conversion Kit on SIMONAZZI turret:

  • Installed for Carlsberg Denmark for the sealing of Carlsberg and Tuborg prime trade marks in refillable PEN bottles. Launched in August 1999.
  • Installed for Israel Beer Breweries Ltd for the sealing of Tuborg beer on glass bottles. Launched in May 2000.

MaxiCrown Conversion Kit on KHS turret:

  • Installed for Carlsberg-Tetley, UK, for the sealing of Carlsberg Lager beer on one-way PET bottles. Launched in August 1999.

MaxiCrown Conversion Kit on KRONES turret:

  • Installed for Panonska Brewery, Croatia, for the sealing of all Tuborg's major beer brands on glass bottles. Launched in February 2002.

Installations for the sealing of Old Version of MaxiCrown on various crowners:

  • 24 installations on KHS turrets,
  • 9 installations on KRONES turrets,
  • 5 installations on SIMONAZZI turrets, and
  • 65 installations on Ortmann&Holst, Seitz, Bellcrown, Enzinger and other crowners.
              installations       technical cooperation

Technical cooperation

We have for more than 20 years a licence cooperation regarding MaxiCrown caps with Japan Crown Cork (JCC), a subsidiary of Toyo Seikan Kaisha Ltd., the leading Japanese Packaging Group.

JCC are manufacturing more or less all types of closures available on the market. JCC have a strong and innovative development organisation. One of the recent results is the New MaxiCrown cap described in this site including a sophisticated and reliable manufacturing technique.


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